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Solar Eclipse and Charter Trips

Photographer: Stephen Bellrichard Location: Strawberry Mountain, Oregon Instagram: @stephenskis

On Monday August 21st 2017, the moon passed between Earth and the Sun. The United States watched in awe as the “Great American Eclipse” moved from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. Science buffs and novices alike gathered to see the totality from the contiguous United States for the first time since 1979.

Eclipse glasses were sold, road trips were planned, and small communities across the U.S. prepped for the influx of people. These things came as no surprise. What did surprise us was the surge in traffic the Avinode system saw in the weeks and days leading up to the phenomenon. Jet Linx reported interest as early as two months prior, but activity started to pick up in the Avinode Marketplace the week before the eclipse. Members in the states along the totality line saw a ten-fold increase of trip activity when compared to the week before.

The excitement to witness the eclipse and the unexpected interest fostered creativity from the charter industry. Most opted for a flight with a destination to watch the eclipse from the ground, but one took to the skies to appreciate the totality. Jet Linx was among our members who seized the opportunity to offer something different.

Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President & CEO notes, “It has been a fun experience for our clients and team members and reaffirms the many applications for private aviation – from iconic experiences such as in-flight eclipse viewing, to road shows for business, to personal travel for vacation destinations. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife – you simply need to know how and when to use it, and you have to have it in your pocket when you need it.”

Indeed, the charter industry is changing and adapting. Usually it is regulations and customer preference moving us along. This time, the Sun and moon are guiding innovation.

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