Payment Options for Operators to Get Paid Fast and Easy

Getting paid is fun. Handling multiple payment options, currencies, and platforms is not. That’s why Avinode Group created Paynode. To simplify and improve payment security for air charter operators. Everything is taken care of in your Avinode workflow – saving you time, money and stress in the process.

With Paynode included in your Avinode operator membership, we can help you to close that last-minute deal with less hassle. Bring all your air charter payments in one place - wire transfers, credit card and Instant Payments.

How you can close deals with more comfort and efficiency

Send and request instant payments, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week

Request and receive Instant Payments across the network and get paid in a split second from other professional charters – directly within your Avinode workflow. This means you spend less time chasing payments and can free yourself of conventional banking timeframes.

Learn how to request Instant Payments from brokers

Real time notifications

Get real-time notifications the second a payment arrives in your account, while having an overview of what is still outstanding.

All payment methods in one workflow

In the same workflow you can also request and collect payments by credit card or wire. With easy access to your currency account, you can manage conversions and fund your accounts – all in one place.

Sell globally, get paid locally

You can accept payments locally thanks to online accounts in different currencies, taking advantage of local exchange rates.

Better visibility for your brand

As a Paynode member, you will be easily recognized in Avinode as part of a trusted network of partners. It’s easy to send and receive instant payments with others in the network.

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Together, we are growing exponentially

Avinode’s growing and trusted network of air charter professionals are now using Paynode to do faster, easier, and more secure business. There are already over 300 Avinode member that are ready to do instant payments for air charter trips. Make fast and secure payments with brokers like Air Hamburg, JetClub Europe Aviation, and Leviate Jet.

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How Paynode offers the human touch that means so much

”It simply saves me time every day. For example, if I need to send a bank transfer or a wire transfer in another currency – such as Swedish Krona – I can do that in seconds. Even with currencies that we don’t use very often, I have the exchange rate there, right in front of me, immediately.” Salvatore Bentivegna, Finance Manager and Controller at JetClub Group

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Avinode’s growing and trusted network of air charter professionals are now using Paynode to do faster, easier, and more secure business. Join the growing network today and get the comfort of having everything in one place – by credit card, wire transfer and instant payments.

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