The smartest way to market your fleet

Sell charter hours round the clock.

By listing your aircraft on Avinode, you're getting exposure to an active global network of qualified charter buyers. Keep your fleet where it belongs – in the air.

A streamlined daily workflow

The days of your dispatcher’s phone ringing off the hook are, thankfully, long gone. With Avinode, your requests from brokers stream into a single platform. Compare, accept, and decline requested trips at will, and enjoy a comprehensive overview of your bookings at all times. 

Message threads with brokers help keep communication rolling and expectations clear (read: less email!). 

And if you really want to take your operations to the next, have a closer look at Schedaero, the Avinode Group’s flight operations software. 

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Show off your aircraft

Make a compelling first impression.

Brokers can browse the photos and information you upload for each aircraft and answer their own questions by reading the list of accompanying amenities.

When it comes to listing your fleet on the marketplace, you can choose how you’d like to go about it: push availability automatically from your FMS, or enter it manually.

Avinode on your phone

The Avinode app for iPhone, our “pocket-sized Marketplace,” distills all the most important functions of the full Marketplace into one easy-to-navigate app.

Check on your scheduling, get notifications when you receive a request and be able to respond right away – from wherever you are. 

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Are you also a broker?

See what you can accomplish using Avinode.


Ready to join Avinode’s global network of more than 7,500 air charter professionals?

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