The sales tool tailor-made for charter brokers

Experience a smoother sales process with Avinode TripManager

How do you currently track your sales and create quotes for clients? If you're doing any double-entry, there's a better way!

Avinode TripManager was created to cut through repetitive admin work, with a streamlined online platform that not only helps you conduct charter sales — it helps you perform better, too.

A smooth request-to-invoice workflow

From the initial phone call or text from your client all the way through the payment clearing — there are a lot of conversations that need to happen and so many small but crucial details to get right. 

TripManager keeps all these details right in front of you.

Time-saving integrations

TripManager is fully integrated with Avinode Marketplace, so you can see the status of a trip at any time — past, present, or future. Use the customized calendar in TripManager, or have trip dates exported to your Outlook.

Thanks to the Paynode integration, you can click a button to have a professional payment request sent to your client’s email.

Generate documents in a snap

The burden of quoting is lifted, thanks to auto-filling templates that you can kit out with your own logo and branding, and pictures of the aircraft your client will be traveling on.

Itineraries also don’t have to take forever. TripManager pulls all the relevant details of trip and converts them into a sleek itinerary.

Know your priorities

Spend your energy in the right places, on the right deals.

With TripManager, you can see an overview of your customers’ purchasing patterns and quickly identify those who are more likely to book based on previous history.

Get going with TripManager