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A quick search in Avinode yields a world of air charter options. View detailed aircraft descriptions, see price estimates, make requests and drive conversations with operators.

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Avinode is the professional business standard for buying and selling air charter online. As a member of Avinode, you can be sure you are where the action is.

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Interested in joining Avinode's global network of more than 7,500 air charter professionals? Contact us today and start enjoying the benefits of our smarter charter tools.

Who can be a member?

Avinode operates a wholesale Marketplace that connects the services of certified air charter professionals across the globe.

Our membership criteria ensures we handle only legal charter flights, while maintaining a trusted Marketplace for professionals in the air charter industry.

  • Aircraft and Helicopter Operators, selling aircraft charter and holding a current and valid Aircraft Operating Certificate or Part 135 Certificate issued by their national authority.
  • Brokers or Professional Buyers, acting on behalf of an end client, either a corporation or an individual, to charter an aircraft or helicopter.
  • Marketing Agents, selling aircraft charter on behalf of Aircraft and Helicopter Operators on an exclusive marketing basis.

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  • Find the right aircraft every time
    WiFi enabled? Dog friendly? Search for aircraft models and amenities that meet your clients’ needs.
  • Don't waste time chasing down quotes
    Know where you stand on aircraft price and sourcing options with prompt responses from our active operator network.
  • Manage trips with ease
    From request to invoice, Avinode’s online tools streamline and simplify every step of buying air charter.
  • Maximize value for your clients
    Find all the information you need to select the right aircraft or empty leg at the best price for your client.

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    Specify your needs

    Search by aircraft category or specific model. Filter for age of aircraft, fuel stops required and aircraft amenities.

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    View locations and schedules

    Avinode uses real-time data to search for aircraft by geographic location, providing both grounded and transient aircraft options.

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    Communicate quickly and effectively

    Send requests to as many operators as you like and receive quick responses from our active operator network.

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    Simplify your workflow

    At your desk or on your mobile, manage your trip requests, quotes and other communication with charter operators in on place.

​Handle your charter bookings wherever you are

Operators and brokers, now you can manage all your charter request and responses, direct from your iPhone.

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The future is here, business aviation has moved online. Using Avinode's industry-leading Marketplace and range of smart products, you can move with it.


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