Membership criteria to join Avinode

Avinode operates a wholesale member marketplace for ad hoc air charter.

Membership is available to:
Aircraft & Helicopter Operators, selling aircraft charter that are holding a current and valid Aircraft Operating Certificate or Part 135 Certificate issued by their national authority.

Brokers or Professional Buyers, acting on behalf of an end client, either a corporation or an individual, to charter an aircraft or helicopter. Brokers are generally not licensed and so Avinode uses a number of criteria to determine whether a company is allowed into the Avinode Marketplace.

Marketing Agents, selling aircraft charter on behalf of Aircraft & Helicopter Operators on an exclusive marketing basis.

Criteria include that the company:

  • transacts business operators providing legal charter flights;
  • purchases charter on behalf of third parties;
  • demonstrates that charter is a significant and public component of the company’s overall business;
  • has a professional understanding of the air charter industry, ideally is a member of a recognized charter industry body such as BACA or ACANA;
  • complies with all relevant national and international laws, rules and regulations;
  • is not be trading under administration or bankruptcy; and
    possess a valid business registration in the country that it operates from.

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