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Keeping up with your global air charter payments can be an everyday stress. Especially when dealing with different banks, currencies, and time zones on multiple platforms. That’s why Avinode Group created Paynode.

Paynode is another business aviation essential from Avinode Group, bringing air charter payments together in one place. It’s fully integrated in buying, selling and managing trips. Everything is taken care of in one single workflow. Saving you time, money and stress in the process.

Discover the benefits of Paynode

By credit card, wire transfer, or instant payment, you can close deals more securely than ever. Everything is taken care of in one easy workflow. Saving you time, money, and stress in the process.

Paynode brings air charter payments together in one easy workflow in Avinode

Build relationships and work worldwide in a safe and efficient way with members like Air Hamburg, Leviate Jet Management, Solarius Aviation, and over 300 other Avinode members. Perfect for charters sales operators as well as brokers. 

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Here are 3 common problems when doing international wire transfers. Discover why Paynode is your obvious payment solution.

Send a secure payment link

Send a secure payment link to your customer where you can collect your payments. Never worry about sending an email with your banking instructions – prevent potential hackers to interfere with the e-mail and change the wire instructions.

Choose your preferred currency option

Choose which currency you wish to get paid in. By default, you are set up with a British Pound, US Dollar, and Euro account..

Receive faster payment via local payment rails

..And for each of these 3 accounts, you can collect local payment rails, which is a lot faster than an international bank transfer. But you can also collect via the SWIFT network.

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Why our customers are using Paynode for wire transfers

Our customers are all facing different challenges when it comes to air charter payments. What they do have in common is that Paynode has made them feel more comfortable with their charter sales workflow.


President of RAI Jets

For us – because we also use Avinode and Schedaero – everything is joined up and it works so well. There are so many little details that save us time. For example, I know that all my wire information is on my quotes, which is one less thing for me to think about. Now, I just go into Paynode, fill out the information once and hit send. Then I get my email confirmation. It’s that easy.

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President & Founder at The Jet Guys

Paynode creates great efficiencies for us in the way we wire funds, handle credit card payments and can make currency exchanges if we need to in the future. I’ve not had to use my local bank for any of these tasks, thanks to Paynode.


Sales Consultant at CTR Atmospherica Aviation

One of the currency accounts that we use in Paynode is a GBP account, which means we now have greater flexibility when working with our UK-based partners. There are no currency exchange fees to pay and the payment is as fast as a domestic transfer.

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