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What we do to prevent work overload for our users

Avinode works to create real time availability data and efficient work flows for both operators and brokers. We continuously work to improve and sustain data quality and better ways of communication. We are proactively supporting the changing needs for our users and are in constant movement.

Lately we have received feedback from operators that the request load is causing issues for them, and that there are specific members causing these issues. Operators have consequently asked to block these members from sending request to them.

This is not a path Avinode wants to support, as that challenges the business opportunities for the broker.

Avinode works to serve both operators and brokers as we create value together, which is why we need to take actions measures on for both groups, to ensure that we together maintain a healthy and sustainable marketplace.

So what actions have we taken recently?
Avinode has implemented a caution message in the Avinode Marketplace when a specific user selects a high number of request for a trip.

If an excessive number of request still is selected and sent, the system may even deactivate the user as this is automatically flagged as “potential spamming”. The user should then contact Avinode to get the account reactivated.

The Avinode staff is at all times available for the user to discuss, educate and support the particular user in how to best use the application in a more efficient and valuable way.

We have also implemented metrics for the operator to improve their data quality and processes such as ‘operator response statistics’.

We have also recently released features such as messaging, canceled request and are proactively working with operators that have high price discrepancy to improve their data.

Further measures and features are also being discussed/ planned in this area.

More feedback
The Avinode development roadmap is largely driven by feedback from customers and users.

As always when we release new features or functionality, we appreciate all the feedback we get.

And If you have other input on how we can help make processes better for you – please send feedback through the feedback form in the application, or send an email to


The Avinode team

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