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CRM Product Owner


The purpose of this role is to enable the Avinode Group commercial teams to manage the customer journey and customer engagement as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is done by helping to define our core processes and success metrics and implementing them through systems and data – of which the primary tool is our CRM. This means managing a portfolio of projects, both big and small, to make incremental and step-change improvements. You will report to the SVP Commercial Development (she’s based in Miami, you’ll be based in Göteborg).

The position

Process definition and oversight

  • Identify, analyze and document business requirements
  • Devise solutions to potentially complex problems
  • Ensure key processes are well defined, documented, supported by our systems, measurable, adopted and adhered to.
  • Assess what’s working and what’s not with a drive to make it easier to do business – both for our teams and our customers. Monitor key metrics (such as conversion ratios and time between process milestones) to evaluate the effectiveness of processes and where improvements are needed.
  • Seek out best practices for SaaS and subscription business models – identify opportunities to apply those best practices to our processes and measures.

CRM Product Owner, Champion and Advocate

  • Plan and experiment on growing the system to meet the evolving needs of the business
  • Manage periodic upgrades
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs and system issues
  • Create CRM specifications for new processes or functionality for review and sign off
  • Implement agreed changes in CRM by either building and testing them yourself or working with CRM consultants
  • Engage and manage CRM Super Users
  • Document and train users on new capabilities, following up to ensure adoption
  • Ensure data quality and regular cleaning
  • Support commercial initiatives with CRM, leading change initiatives and projects as agreed and prioritized

Data insights and delivery for Avinode teams

  • Collaboratively define where data is mastered and shared
  • Drive and support system integration projects to share or pass relevant data between systems
  • Identify and help deliver data to Noders at the right time in helpful ways to enable them to be effective in customer interactions and managing customer relationships
  • Define and build dashboards in CRM

Project Management

  • Define and deliver new projects as they are identified and prioritized across the Avinode Group
  • Follow and role model Project Management best practices
  • Deliver in a Lean and iterative way

Who you are

  • An experienced CRM manager with working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, Salesforce certification is preferred
  • A solution-oriented problem solver
  • Able to break down ideas into building blocks, provide structure and define processes
  • Analytical and critical thinker – you use both data and user input as the basis of your recommendations and assessments
  • A disciplined project manager with 2-4 years’ experience – you work through the project management process with consistency and champion best practices throughout the organization
  • A practitioner and champion of Lean methodologies and practices
  • Never satisfied – you are constantly looking to improve both yourself and the business. You are curious, eager to experiment and try new approaches and tools
  • An effective communicator with strong influencing skills – you are able to build consensus and ‘bring people with you’
  • A self-starter, resilient and adaptable – you are comfortable working with ambiguity and are able to work remotely from your manager
  • A team player who seeks and incorporates different points of view
  • Have a 'can do' attitude and known for getting stuff done
  • A champion of making work easier - both for our staff and our customers
  • Able to travel internationally

About the Avinode Group

The Avinode Group was the first company to move business aviation online, disrupting an entire industry with a technology-first mindset.

Today, we operate a growing suite of applications that 6,000+ air charter professionals use to do their everyday work. We take our role in their businesses seriously and make a point of delivering consistently excellent customer service and unrivaled, ever-improving products.

This level of sophistication doesn’t stop us from having fun, however. We “Noders” find it important to enjoy an open and friendly work atmosphere, where a bit of quirky humor is always welcome. With 35 employees in Gothenburg and 30 in Miami and Portland, our flexible and collaborative culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas, to make mistakes and initiate dialogue.

How to apply

Sounds like the right fit for you? Send your application via e-mail to Jenne Reed

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