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6 tips for a healthy digital life

Everything in moderation. We love to see technology driving our clients forward but we also believe balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, in and out of the office. Here are 6 tips to help you ensure technology improves, but never rules, your life.

1. Ask the experts

Good digital providers will always offer you practical advice on how best to use their products. They want quick, effective results from their technology just as much as you do.

2. Share

Seamless data exchange and systems integration will be increasingly important to the growth of private aviation. With APIs and SaaS platforms, you can enjoy state-of-the-art IT without spending big money replacing all your tech systems.

As well as helping you ‘talk’ efficiently to your partners and suppliers, shared technologies and databases help you work seamlessly with colleagues at your own company. Look at TripManager, for example, holding all key data in one place. If you’re preparing a quote for a customer but suddenly need to leave your desk or you get sick, another member of the team can just pick up the work from where you left off. You won’t need to stay late in the office to finish the job or work from home that evening. Great business technology makes your working day easier, not longer.

3. Set goals

Decide what you want to achieve with your digital activity right now, meet that objective…and stop. We all know how easy it is to keep wandering around the internet, hoping to find something useful or interesting. We all know how rarely that plan pays off. So…

4. Set limits

Don’t be embarrassed to use ‘anti-addiction’ software. Apple’s latest update, iOS 12, for example, allows you to set time limits for the apps you use. You can ask for notification when you approach the limit or (if self-control isn’t your strength!) you can set the app to simply stop working when the limit has been reached.

5. Keep a sense of perspective

We can all understand the glow of being ‘liked’ on social media, from a Facebook ‘thumbs-up’ to a retweet of a comment you made. It’s great to feel good when you’re online but it’s also easy to become addicted to that feedback. If you realize you feel bad whenever you’re not online, you need to change your digital lifestyle. Why not find a fun and rewarding offline hobby? Suddenly Twitter won’t seem so important anymore.

6. Buy a watch

When you need to focus on your work, you don’t want your smartphone distracting you. Whenever you look at your phone to see what the time is, you risk being tempted to click that new app you’ve just found too, or to check those texts from your friends about the weekend, or to…

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