Effective 20 December 2019, the Avinode General Terms and Conditions were updated with the following changes:

  1. Paynode General Terms and Conditions were incorporated by reference in Section 6.1.
  2. Reference to Wyvern was removed from Section 4.2.4.
  3. The definition of “generic statistical data” was updated in Section 4.2.5.
  4. Version number was changed to 2019.1.1

Effective 18 May 2018, the Avinode General Terms and Conditions were updated. Here is a summary of what changed from the prior version:

  1. Added to Section 3.2.1 – Avinode reserves the right to increase the prices up to three percent (3%) annually in order to account for inflation and general cost increases.
  2. Added to Section 3.2.1 – When changes are made to the updated Subscribed Services and fees, the changes will be deemed accepted by the Member if the Member submits a payment in conformance with the updates.
  3. Added Section 3.4.5 – The Member agrees that users may receive emails from the Site and may manage their email preferences in the user profile.
  4. Revised Section 4.2 – Added Personal Data as a new defined term.
  5. Added Section 4.3 – Member acknowledges that the Avinode Services and the Site are not PCI compliant and not intended for the storage of credit card information.
  6. Added to Section 4.4 – Added clauses regarding the processing and handling of Personal Data as required by the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws.
  7. Revised Section 8.1 – Removed the requirement for Avinode to grant Member 10 days to cure a complaint from another Member before being able to suspend the Member’s access.
  8. Added to Section 8.1 – If a member’s account has been suspended for 90 days, then the Agreement will automatically terminate without any action by Avinode.
  9. Revised Section 18.3 – Added PayNode as an Avinode Group Mark.
  10. Version number was changed to 2018.1.1

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