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What is Paynode?

Paynode is the world’s first end-to-end payment platform created specifically for global business aviation. An easy-to-use online system enables easy transactions between merchants and payers. Regulatory-compliant data security keeps personal details protected along the way.

Developed by the Avinode Group and its majority owner MSTS, Paynode is a solution to the payment inefficiencies and uncertainties facing charter brokers and operators. It replaces a highly manual, time-consuming payment process with a simple and secure online system designed to move large sums of money cross-border, regardless of time or geographic location.

Why use Paynode?

  • Lower fees
    Paynode offers lower fees than competition through exclusive partnerships.
  • Faster payments
    Paynode offers significantly faster settlement, notification and fund movement across borders.
  • Reclaim time
    Simpler back office processes frees up time for merchants and payers to focus on driving business.
  • Reduce risk of charge backs
    With a secure end-to-end payment system and regulatory-compliant data security minimizes your risk of chargebacks.
  • Paynode is fully integrated with Avinode and TripManager, broker sales management system, as well as Schedaero flight operations system for operators. This integration simplifies payment requests, creates time-savings and lets brokers and operators focus on customer service and sales. However, you do not need to have either system to benefit from Paynode.

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Who can be a member?

Avinode operates a wholesale Marketplace that connects the services of certified air charter professionals across the globe.

Our membership criteria ensures we handle only legal charter flights, while maintaining a trusted Marketplace for professionals in the air charter industry.

  • Aircraft and Helicopter Operators, selling aircraft charter and holding a current and valid Aircraft Operating Certificate or Part 135 Certificate issued by their national authority.
  • Brokers or Professional Buyers, acting on behalf of an end client, either a corporation or an individual, to charter an aircraft or helicopter.
  • Marketing Agents, selling aircraft charter on behalf of Aircraft and Helicopter Operators on an exclusive marketing basis.

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