“Everything we have asked of the Avinode team, they have been able to achieve for us.”

Mark Green


With over 20 years of experience in the private aviation industry, Mark Green has long admired, and used, Avinode’s services. So when he launched UK-based international charter broker Volanteus in 2016, he naturally turned to Avinode at once for support sourcing aircraft.

Volanteus’s clients are largely high-net-worth individuals, including sport and music celebrities, often travelling for leisure.

Reflecting on Volanteus’s strengths, Green says: “Quality is critical to us. Operators are impressed by how well we deal with our many demanding clients and how committed we are to managing challenges. We try to look ahead, intelligently predict what might happen and stop potential problems turning into real problems. We’re very thorough in checking every aspect of a flight, from slots to crew and catering. Taking time over quality control is a key part of our business.”

With such an intense commitment to quality, how does Green see Avinode’s services? “Avinode is an essential piece of kit in our industry,” he says. “Like most brokers, we source most of our aircraft through Avinode. Operators usually prefer to receive and send enquiries through Avinode. It’s fair to say you can’t be a serious private aircraft charter broker without the service.”

“Avinode has worked with us to ensure our quotes are tailored exactly to our needs. The more I work with Avinode, the more impressed I am.”

Mark Green


Fast, efficient quote generation

Having used Avinode since 2016, Volanteus began using TripManager in the spring of 2018.

“We had received a lot of enquiries, and generated a lot of quotes, in the summer of 2017,” says Green, “which left us asking how we could handle even more business in the future.”

Automatically populating quotes with information, ranging from details of FBO services to inflight catering, TripManager minimises the time Volanteus’s brokers need to spend entering data.

“Clients are often under time pressure,” says Green, “so they appreciate the speed of our responses. Using Avinode and TripManager allows us to generate enquiries and quotes much more quickly than if we were taking a less automated approach. With TripManager, we can now produce a quote in, say, three minutes that might have taken us 20-30 minutes to produce manually in Microsoft Word. We use the time we save to focus on checking and double-checking the flight and customer service details that really matter to us. That’s a huge benefit.”

Tailored quotes

Speed and efficiency were not Green’s only requirements when Volanteus began using TripManager. He explains: “We have always been proud of the unique, high-quality appearance of our quotes. Just as meals taste better when they look good, quotes are more appealing to clients if they look good too. We therefore insisted on bespoke templates as part of the move to TripManager. We did not want standardised quotes that did not reflect our individuality. Avinode worked with us to ensure our quotes are still tailored exactly to our needs. As I always have been, I’m very proud of the quotes we send out now.”

“One of Avinode’s greatest strengths is the user-friendliness of the products.”

Mark Green


Outstanding mobile app

Avinode’s mobile app is “fabulous”, says Green. “If you need to work out of the office, you can use your smartphone rather than having to carry your laptop around. It’s very useful and convenient to be able to do your job from anywhere in the world. I’ve literally been able to prepare a quote and secure a booking when flying on an aircraft with WiFi at 35,000 feet.”

Improved sales and marketing

“Using Avinode supports our data analysis and reporting too,” says Green. “We can easily see which clients, for example, make many enquiries but few bookings, or vice versa. When we analyse this data, and better understand customer behaviour, we can feed that knowledge into how we approach our sales and marketing activities.”

Minimal training time

“One of Avinode’s greatest strengths is the user-friendliness of the products,” says Green, “and I appreciated how the customer support team took the time to visit our office to help us set up TripManager.”

Green concludes: “The more I work with Avinode, the more impressed I am. I know we’re not the easiest of clients; we’re very demanding in what we want. Nonetheless, everything we have asked of the Avinode team, they have been able to achieve for us.”

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