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Curious about recent trends in private charter? Look to our business intelligence reports for unparalleled industry information.

Our standard reports

Get a comprehensive overview of latest trends in airport and aircraft activity. Available for download in BusinessIQ webshop, these reports will help bring you up to speed on flight activity, trip pricing, aircraft performance and more.

  • Airport activity
    If you’re seeking an overview of business aviation flight activity at a specific airport, look no further than our Airport Activity report.
  • Aircraft pricing
    Our pricing report provides average trip prices and price settings from Part 135 charter operators.
  • Aircraft activity
    Understand how a certain aircraft type or category is performing with in-depth statistics on flights over the last two years.


A unique combination of aviation data sources

  • FAA ASDI Data
    Avinode has access to FAA ASDI data on all actual business aviation flights departing or arriving in the US. Included in this feed we have data such as route, time and date of departure and arrival, aircraft type and tail number or call sign.
  • Eurocontrol Data
    Eurocontrol supplies us with a weekly feed containing all business aviation flights departing or arriving from the Eurocontrol area. Type of flight, route, time and date of departure and arrival and aircraft type, is all included in this feed.
  • Avinode Data
    Avinode processes over 600,000 booking requests per month. Each request contains a full itinerary with dates/times/pax and aircraft type. 3,200+ aircraft provide us with up-to-date information on how they price their aircraft.

*We never disclose company specific or personal information, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Looking for a customized report?

On request, we provide in-depth, tailor-made reports according to your specific needs. To get started with a report that includes all the data points and analysis you’re seeking, simply contact our team!

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Interested in joining Avinode's global network of more than 7,500 air charter professionals? Contact us today and start enjoying the benefits of our smarter charter tools.

Who can be a member?

Avinode operates a wholesale Marketplace that connects the services of certified air charter professionals across the globe.

Our membership criteria ensures we handle only legal charter flights, while maintaining a trusted Marketplace for professionals in the air charter industry.

  • Aircraft and Helicopter Operators, selling aircraft charter and holding a current and valid Aircraft Operating Certificate or Part 135 Certificate issued by their national authority.
  • Brokers or Professional Buyers, acting on behalf of an end client, either a corporation or an individual, to charter an aircraft or helicopter.
  • Marketing Agents, selling aircraft charter on behalf of Aircraft and Helicopter Operators on an exclusive marketing basis.

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