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Avinode Marketplace

Your global charter hub

With thousands of aircraft and over 6000 flight requests a day, the Avinode Marketplace is the partner you need to increase your local and global business.

A professional community

Membership in the Avinode Market-
place is your key to a community of 7000 operators and brokers with the highest professional standards.

Available wherever you are

Buy and sell charter flights in real-time on any platform, anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year in the Avinode Marketplace.

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Solutions made
for you

Whether you are a broker or operator, we have an electronic workflow designed to make your business more effective.

Intelligent marketing

Market your aircraft in real-time worldwide.
Put your fixed wing or rotary fleet in the world’s most popular marketplace for charter and watch your business take off.

Our intelligent search tools give you the power to sell trips whether your aircraft are at home, transient or flying empty.

Real-time scheduling

With Avinode’s schedule integration you can market your aircraft in real-time, with freshest pricing and availability information uploaded into the Marketplace from your in-house fleet management system.

The Marketplace currently integrates with AirOps, Aviation Office, Bart, Bizflight, CTA-FOS, BoldIq, FL3XX, FlightForce, Avi-Sched, Leon, PDC, CAMP, SchedAero, and a number of custom systems.

Present your aircraft

Show brokers what your aircraft has to offer with our comprehensive aircraft pop-up and fact sheet.

With Avinode’s aircraft information pages you can display aircraft amenities, safety ratings, photos and much more.

Connect with buyers

Get flight requests right to your email Streamline your workflow by receiving and replying to flight requests in your own email inbox.

Then upload your accepted requests right into your schedule with our direct fleet management integration.

Go beyond marketing

Take control of your charter sales Find and quote open trips from around the world in Avinode’s searchable Trip Board feature.

Benchmark your pricing. Use the Avinode Marketplace to check your market position on any itinerary.

Subcharter Aircraft for any flight If you don't have an aircraft available, you can use the Marketplace to find another aircraft, anywhere in the world.

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