Orlando-based GiveJet finalizes the consignment sale of a Learjet 45 Spare Parts package

May 22nd, 2014


GiveJet LLC, through its DBA Jet Parts Liquidator, recently announced the successful six-figure sale of a Learjet 45 Parts package to the flight department of a major multi-national retailer.

Jeremy A. Levy, president of GiveJet LLC, said the completion of the sale in the first quarter 2014 marks the largest deal so far in their burgeoning parts liquidation service. “Aircraft part sales fit well as an added service for our current charter clients, many of whom also own and operate aircraft of their own,” Levy said.

Often surplus parts remain after an aircraft is sold, Levy explained. “This is where GiveJet steps in to liquidate the parts on consignment or purchase directly from the seller thus freeing up their valuable time and storage space,” he said.

“We have been marketing to the general aviation side of the industry since 2006. So when we were presented with an opportunity to sell a Citation avionics package in late 2012, it came naturally to us. We engaged many of the same databases and relationships that we already had in place,” Levy said.

“We are especially proud of this deal, not only because of the size but also due to the careful navigation of several complicating factors such as customs, duties and tax issues,” Levy said, adding, “In the end, we helped orchestrate a fairly complicated action plan which I’m happy to say went off without a hitch.”

Levy says he enjoys coming up with marketing angles that other companies either do not think about or simply won’t take the time to deploy. “Not only do these marketing efforts increase our client’s bottom line but it also keeps our job exciting,” Levy added.

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