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ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China now Honeywell Dealer

February 19th, 2012

ExecuJet Haite Aviation Services China, a leading global business aviation organization, is now the authorized avionics dealer for Honeywell International in mainland China.

The agreement will promote, sell and support the full range of Honeywell’s avionics products, warranties and protection plans for Chinese business jets and build on the strong relationship that has existed between Honeywell and ExecuJet Aviation for more than two decades.

As the Chinese business jet market expands, this partnership gives customers more local and readily available technical support and parts for Honeywell avionics, thereby reducing operator costs and aircraft downtime.

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Air Royale announces TransLuxe Air G-IV New York/Los Angeles one ways & up to 70% savings on empty legs

February 19th, 2012

Air Royale International Inc., an 18-year worldwide air charter service transaction company launched TransLuxe Air™, a  program that allows consumers to book true point-to-point flights from Los Angeles to New York and vice versa flying onboard a fabulous Gulfstream IV private jet. This is not a jet card or membership program; this is pay-as-you-go air charter with true point-to-point pricing.

The Gulfstream IV is a long-range heavy jet. The aircraft has a flight crew of two pilots and a flight attendant and can seat up to 18 passengers in various configurations, including private staterooms and sleeping accommodations.

Empty-leg flight segments can save consumers up to 70%

“The New York/Los Angeles route is one that our clientele often ask for. When business demands being on the East or West Coast, this option makes sense,” said Wayne J. Rizzi, CEO of Air Royale and newly elected Vice President of the Air Charter Association of North America. “In addition to our TransLuxe Air GIV program, many of our clients utilize our real-time Global Empty-leg Flight Planner, because if flight segments are in a similar direction and within a few days of a customer’s requested flight, it can save the consumer up to 70 percent of what a regular air charter flight would cost.”

With access to a worldwide network of world-class private jets and executive-configured airliners, on occasion aircraft transition, which creates a cost-effective empty-leg sector opportunity. This is also known as a discounted one-way flight, and because aircraft are flying back and forth between home bases, it creates a window of opportunity to save up to 70 percent.

The safest air charter carriers in the world operate all aircraft. Although the Federal Aviation Administration licenses all air carriers, Air Royale’s policy dictates that operators must pass an on-site audit, adhering to stringent safety criterion from third-party auditing company Wyvern Consulting Ltd.

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Starlink Aviation adds four brand new aircraft to fleet

February 19th, 2012

Starlink Aviation is pleased to announce the addition of four brand new aircraft to their fleet: an Embraer Phenom 100, a Pilatus-PC-12, a King Air 350 and a Falcon 2000lx. This announcement comes shortly after the company celebrated being named best FBO in Canada and Quebec in a WINGS magazine industry survey.

“This news is extremely positive not only for Starlink/Signature Flight Support, but for the business aviation industry as a whole,” said Glen Lynch, President and CEO of Starlink Aviation.

Mr. Lynch went on to say, “At a time when companies need to think more strategically than ever, business aviation, more specifically private jet ownership is creating more and more opportunities to do just that. Aircraft management is an increasingly important part of our core business and service enhancement is expected to be a continued area of growth in the months ahead.”

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Ian Croxton Reports from Istanbul, Turkey

February 16th, 2012

I have been working for Avinode for many years, mainly concentrating on the Middle Eastern and Asian markets; but recently Turkey was also added to my territory. This prompted me to take my very first trip to Istanbul, and in fact my first visit to Turkey. I had a fantastic time, so I would like to start by thanking all the existing and new clients that welcomed me. I know many of you were disappointed that you did not get to meet Henric this time, but I assure you he will be at EBACE in May.

I begin my trip, by making some silly, new territory mistakes. Living in Sweden I am used to the cold winter months, so I assumed Istanbul in February would be relatively warm in comparison. How wrong could I have been: it rained for the first two days and snowed the next two. My traveling wardrobe did not really suit this weather.

Then when I tried to pay the taxi driver who drove me from the airport to my hotel he pointed at the meter, it read 45. I thought €45 euro for this journey seemed rather expensive, and it took several minutes of two people talking to each other with neither one understanding a single word the other was saying to realize he didn’t accept Euros. He wanted 45 Turkish Lira (less than €20).

Another new experience was Raki, but perhaps I should not go into detail about how it makes you dance.

As for the market, my impression is that the Turkish charter business in January and February has been a little slow but it is expected to pick up considerably towards the summer months.

The Istanbul area is currently dominated by midsize and heavy jet aircraft, and several operators mentioned that additional mids and heavies were coming into the region.

Most of the operators in the area are operating the aircraft on behalf of the owners, with the main objective of flying for them and their companies, and if there is any availability left over then the aircraft can be chartered out. This is the hallmark of a younger market, and is something we have seen in many markets before. If Turkey follows the path set in other markets than the previously mentioned increase of aircraft should make charter easier by expanding the available charter fleet.

I look forward to my next visit to Turkey.

Diving in Headfirst

February 16th, 2012

Every New Year’s Eve you toast the beginning of a new year with a glass of champagne, but for me this year’s toast was my new career, which began in January. My first day on the job consisted of new colleagues, a new office and in my case, a new industry. With my background in travel and hospitality there was some knowledge, but I didn’t fully know what to expect. My friends and family were excited and, of course, asked a lot of questions about the new job: ‘What is Avinode?’ ‘Will you fly private yourself?’ The latter answered with a ‘most likely not’.

On my first day, I was lucky to discover that I would be surrounded by remarkable colleagues who comprise an amazing team. I spent my first week getting an intense crash course for my upcoming tradeshow with Avinode, NBAA’s Schedulers and Dispatchers, which was scheduled to take place in San Diego during my second work week. On Saturday Per, Niklas, David, and I flew across the country to set up the Avinode booth. The rest of the team joined us the next day.

By 6.00pm, Sunday evening, the “Noders”, and our sister teams from SchedAero and Wyvern, were already “rocking and rolling” at the S&D 2012 Welcome Reception. It was a great opening to a fantastic show. Clients from near and far stopped by the booth to have a look at the New Marketplace or take a the new Trip Board for a test drive.
It was interesting to hear the perspectives’ of the clients and hear their opinions were about continuous improvements we’re rolling out for the Marketplace. I also made sure to take the opportunity to walk the floor and get to know the exhibitors, many of whom we appreciatively call clients. Seemingly every person I have encountered, in this industry, is highly passionate about their career path.

Now, I would have ended my blog by giving you some impressions from my return flight with a commercial airline, but thankfully things don’t always go as planned…. I received an email from Windsor Jet Management asking if I was interested in flying home with them on their Gulfstream IV. Without hesitation, I accepted.

After a week of eating, drinking and sleeping aviation this was the ultimate culmination to an amazing trade show. Aside from obvious convenience of the “boarding process,” it was marvelous to see the passion of the pilots, the new technology they work with, and to hear their expectations of 2012.

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and, of course, compared to this wonderful experience my typical “coach flying” experiences will never be the same.
Thank you Windsor Jet Management for making this experience possible. I have told my friends and family that this is not my every day job, but they all now seem to want to work for Avinode…

I feel like Avinode and the business aviation industry has welcomed me with a warm heart and I am looking forward to the “ride.”

Avinode Hits 4 Million Requests!

February 1st, 2012

The 4 millionth request went through the Marketplace this week. This was a cause for quiet celebration in the Göteborg office where Avinode was founded almost 10 years ago. The smile was most obvious on the faces of those who have worked for Avinode since the beginning.

Back when the Marketplace was first launched in November 2002, Avinode was in virgin territory paving the way for web technology to enter the air charter industry. At that time there was a risk that no requests would be sent through the system and that Brokers would simply continue to pick up the phone to contact customers for business.

When the very first requests came into Avinode an SMS was sent to the entire organization to say that a request had been received. In the first weeks, days would pass between requests, but then the trickle became a steady stream and a new business model was born.

The days of the company-wide SMS are long behind us now, as Avinode has grown to process around 5 requests per minute, 24/7 365 days a year. At any given moment in the system there is some 20 million USD of business being quoted. This process goes around the clock from the moment our first customers in New Zealand get to work until our members in Hawaii shut down for the day.

4 million requestsWith the global nature of the business aviation market now truly reflected in the system, it is not surprising that the 4 millionth request to pass through the system would be from a US member looking for lift in Europe. The request was a good demonstration of just how far Avinode has come since those first requests back in 2002.

The team at Avinode didn’t pause long over this milestone however. That did not mean their curiosity was slaked. Even as the team dug back into the work of maintaining and developing the Avinode system, questions began to emerge about when we will hit the bigger milestone of 10 million.

We reached 4 million only a year after hitting 3, and with the exponential growth that Avinode has experienced we may well hit 10 million in less than 3 years. And growth will continue.

In 2010 Avinode merged with CharterX to form the largest marketplace network in the world. At the end of February we will take the next step in this journey by bringing our members from CharterX and Avinode together inside the New Marketplace at While almost all of our customers have already begun using the new system we expect to see a burst in activity after we transition to a single marketplace at the beginning of March.

From that day forward our members will only have to log in once to gain access to the world’s largest online marketplace for air charter. This will not only make life simpler for our members, but also allow Avinode to focus on future product developments as we continue to push the technological boundaries to meet our members growing needs.


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